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Email and Newsletter Design

The average professional receives around 100 emails every day. They move through their inboxes hurriedly, only paying attention for the information they need. With properly designed email material you can have an engaging piece of communication tool that works.

We design highly effective HTML emails and Newsletters that helps our clients to benefit immensely. All our designs are custom made and can be modified according to your requirements to be used from time to time.

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Business Promo Videos

A well designed video message is so powerful that nothing else is comparable to the effectiveness and persuasion power of it. We at Designzhub can help brands create and tell their stories through well executed video content.

DesignzHub can create animated explainer videos , corporate videos, Event Videos, product videos, video FAQs, testimonial videos, training videos and much more.

Benefits of Promo Videos

  • Build awareness for your company/brand
  • Build connections earlier on in the sales process
  • Motivate customers into the buying process
  • Improve your SEO rankings by generating traffic to your site
  • Generate quality leads
  • Educate your prospects

Digital Publication and Interactive Document Design

Digital Publications and interactive documents reduces costs, expands the reach and effectiveness of communications and content, making your readers enjoy a media-rich experience and interactivity. Readers can engage more by watching videos, listening to podcasts, taking part in votes and polls and so much more all at the touch of a button or a tap of the screen.

DesignzHub will help you with your digital transformation for your business. We can create Interactive magazine apps for mobile and tablet devices as well as designing of interactive .pdf forms and documents to convert all your traditional paper documents making your business ready for the future.

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