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Product and Packaging Design

Product and Packaging Design

Packaging Design that drives sales

At DesignzHub we deliver Exceptional Product Packaging Design services in Sri Lanka. We have a dedicated team of professional designers that will take care of all the design process for your packaging. We also tackle labels as well so you can count on us to offer unpredictable and high standard value that you do not want to miss at all. With our help you will be able to boost your marketing approach and take it to new heights at all times.

At DesignzHub we focus on using the right strategies that will help boost the brand engagement and we will work closely with you to find the right finishes and packaging materials that will help you boost your brand.

No matter if you have a certain set of requirements or you just need professional, creative ideas, we are here to help. With our help you will be able to acquire unique packaging designs that will help you win over more customers and surpass the competition as fast as possible.

We study all the major products in your industry to ensure that you will have a simple and approachable design that stands out and which is unique. Only then we will move onward to helping you and we will offer all the help and support you need in order to achieve those goals as fast as possible.

Aside from doing label and packaging design we will also offer you professional advertising and promotion for your products as well. Once you hire us you will get the complete package and outstanding results that will help boost your company to new heights!

We can also help you with

Branding and Identity

All the design services we offer here will create packaging that is designed to be in line with all the guidelines, brand messages and values that you want to showcase in front of your customers. DesignzHub can help you boost your branding and obtain incredible results very fast.

Point of Sale

If you want to sell items then you need to have the right graphics. We can offer you stellar visual content and this will help you generate more sales and access incredible results. Contact us if you want to get the merchandise out of your shelves and into the hands of your customers.


We create only the best professional photography for your brand. With our service you will be able to have unique visuals that will boost your brand and take it to new heights. This means many conversions, incredible results and a very good attention to detail.

Packaging Mockups

We will create mockups at first to let you have an idea of how the final product might look like. With these mockups you will have a better understanding of the entire design process and you will have immediate access to extraordinary designs that will help us reach towards the results you want.

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And anything else you may need designed!

Tell us about your project that need professional design services and we are here to help get the best possible results.

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